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The worklog query can be accessed from the link below:


The query returns the worklogs that belong to the specified interval. The query considers the startdate value of the worklog.

GET parameters of the worklogs query:

startDate"YYYY-MM-DD"falseThe start date from which the worklogs can be viewed. The query is run from the beginning of the given day (00:00:00)
endDate"YYYY-MM-DD"trueThe end date until which the worklogs can be viewed. The query is run until the end of the given day (23:59:59). The default value is the current date.
group/userstringfalseA JIRA group or user name whose worklogs are to be listed. One of them is required.
projectstringtrueThe key parameter of a JIRA project. Unless it is defined, all projects are queried, otherwise only the ones under the defined project.
fieldsstring listtrueA list of additional fields to return. Available fields are: comment, updated.

Available response representations:

  • 200 - application/json Example:
      "id": 10204,
      "startDate": "2014-07-31T08:00:00+0200",
      "issueKey": "TEST-5",
      "userId": "admin",
      "timespent": 22440
      "id": 10207,
      "startDate": "2014-07-31T14:14:00+0200",
      "issueKey": "TEST-2",
      "userId": "admin",
      "timespent": 2340
  • 400 - Returned if there is a problem running the query. Example:
Error running search: There is no project matching the given 'project' parameter: NOPROJECT
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