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The worklog query can be accessed from the link below:


The query returns all the worklogs created and modified during the given interval. According to the logic of Jira, creation counts as modification. In the latter case, the value of the worklog update equals the value of createdate. The query considers the value of the worklog update.

GET parameters of the updatedWorklogs query:

startDate"YYYY-MM-DD"falseThe start date from which the worklogs can be viewed. The query is run from the beginning of the given day (00:00:00)
endDate"YYYY-MM-DD"trueThe end date until which the worklogs can be viewed. The query is run until the end of the given day (23:59:59). The default value is the current date.
group/userstringfalseA JIRA group or user name whose worklogs are to be listed. One of them is required.
projectstringtrueThe key parameter of a JIRA project. Unless it is defined, all projects are queried, otherwise only the ones under the defined project.
fieldsstring listtrueA list of additional fields to return. Available fields are: comment, updated.

Available response representations:

  • 200 - application/json Example:
      "id": 10204,
      "startDate": "2014-07-31T08:00:00+0200",
      "issueKey": "TEST-5",
      "userId": "admin",
      "timespent": 22440
      "id": 10207,
      "startDate": "2014-07-31T14:14:00+0200",
      "issueKey": "TEST-2",
      "userId": "admin",
      "timespent": 2340
  • 400 - Returned if there is a problem running the query. Example:
Error running search: There is no project matching the given 'project' parameter: NOPROJECT
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