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We are announcing the retirement of Feature Score for Jira add-on. The add-on will be archived after June 2019. (EOL Date: 30 June 2019)

This difficult decision has been made because, despite the many user feedback and requests, it would be too difficult to maintain or further develop the product due to technological problems.

We still believe in the concept of the product, and as before, we still want to focus on effortless user experience and decent support. That is why, besides retiring Feature Score, we want to announce another thing now:

We have created a new product, Issue Score, that will be available soon on the Atlassian Marketplace. The new app represents the same concept and value as Feature Score, but it’s built based on the gathered feedback about the Feature Score and will include most of the requested features. Also, the new product will be easier to maintain and improve in the future.

A few more things to know about retirement:

  • In this case, retirement means that the app will be archived. You can continue to use the app for the license tier and Jira version you are currently using, however, there will be no more releases.

  • Feature Score will continue to receive product support until the end of 2019 or until your current license expires. However, as we described above, we encourage every user to migrate to the new product, because we will focus our resources on the new Issue Score.

  • We will try to help everyone in migration, if necessary. Organizations whose critical processes depend on our product should contact us at our service portal. We also created a migration helper page that you can visit here.

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