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Important Notice

We intend to fix every issue listed in Known Issues. However, we can't guarantee timelines due to our team's overload.

Known Issues:

  • Internet Explorer: Missing or un-editable Feature Score fields. (Note, that we do not fully support IE.)
  • All browsers: Missing or un-editable Feature Score fields on the Edit Issue screen after fchanging field configuration.
  • Feature Score field does not respect Permission schemas and associated Screens. Due to this, Feature Score field is still editable when it should not be.

On this page:

About Feature Score for JIRA

Calculate what to build next. Plan, rate and prioritize features and deliver more value to your customers with each release.

Feature Score for JIRA will help you to build a product pipeline with prioritized features based on your key business metrics. This add-on provides an easy to configure custom field, what you can assign to any Product, Project or Issue to help Product/Project Managers make better decisions.

This documentation is for Feature Score for JIRA 1.0.2.

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